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Winterizing Pool and Swimming Pool Winterizing

Dear Customer,

Enclosed you will find winterizing instructions for your pool. Please read and follow these instructions carefully. Although Blue World Pools, Inc, does not offer winterizing pool services on your swimming pool, we would like to take this opportunity to instruct our customers on how to prepare the pool for winter. Fortunately, we have installed our ionization system, which cuts your chemical costs during the swim season and simplifies the winterizing process. Please follow these instructions as freeze damage is not covered under warranty.

1. All chemical readings are in PPM (Parts Per Million). You must have your pH BETWEEN 7.2 AND 7.6 WITH IDEAL BEING 7.4 AND TOTAL ALKALINITY BETWEEN 80 AND 120 WITH IDEAL BEING 100. Test pH and total alkalinity and adjust if necessary. PLEASE NOTE: Low and high pH over an extended period of time can cause severe liner damage, drastically shortening the life of your liner and voiding you liner warranty.

2. Make sure your COPPER LEVELS ARE AT 0.5 with your test kit. If your Copper Level is low, turn your ionization system up to “5” on the dial and TEST YOUR COPPER LEVEL DAILY UNTIL YOUR COPPER LEVEL IS 0.5

3. Drain your pool to APPROXIMATELY 1” BELOW YOUR LIGHT AND/OR RETURN (Where the water comes back into the pool from the filter). This can be done by siphoning with a water hose or you can use a sump-pump.

4. After the water is down as instructed in step 3, remove your winterizing cap at the base of the filter tank. Remove the pressure gauge from the multi-port valve. Remove both plugs from the pump (One on pump housing, one on strainer pot). Put all these items in the basket under the clear lid on the strainer pot.

5. You should now unplug the ion system transformer under the back of the ionizer control box. Now unscrew the union connections on each end of the ion chamber. If your ion system has union connection on one side only, unscrew the union and unscrew the entire ion system from the threaded adapter. Take this section inside, pour vinegar into the ion chamber and let it soak for 24 hours. Rinse the chamber thoroughly and keep in a dry place until you are ready to re-install next spring.

6. Place the handle on the multi-port valve, located on the top of the filter, in the winterize position. This will prevent the valve from freezing.

CUSTOMERS WHO LIVE IN COLD REGIONS OF THE COUNTRY SHOULD SECURE AN AIR PILLOW IN THE CENTER OF THE POOL. These can be purchased from Blue World Pools service department. If your pool surfaces freeze, the expansion pressure of the ice will be absorbed by these devices. This will also keep any water that accumulates in the cover from sinking the cover. YOU WILL WANT ABOUT ½” OF WATER ON YOUR COVER TO REDUCE THE POSSIBILTIY OF WIND DAMAGE. ALLOWING MORE THAN ½” MAY PULL DOWN ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR POOL CAUSING DAMAGE TO BOTH THE POOL COVER AND THE POOL WALL.

Please follow these instructions on how to remove all water form your filter system and the pool plumbing. If your pool plumbing has drain plugs, take them out and leave the pipes open for drainage. If your pool does not have drain plugs, use a shop vac and blow through all the lines to completely clear the water from pipes. Failure to do this may result in freezing damage (cracked pipes and components). Neither the manufactures of the pool equipment nor Blue World Pool, Inc will warranty any products against freeze damage.
If you have questions about winterizing pool instructions or swimming pool winterizing, please contact our service department at 1-800-706-0907, ext 5.