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Winter pool covers are essential to the lifespan of your swimming pool. Blue World Pools has all the products and information you need to protect your backyard investment with a winter pool cover.

Caring for your pool is a responsibility that spans longer than the season of the sun. What you do with your pool when it's not in use is even more important than how you care for it while it's open. Here is a list of reasons why it is so important to shop for a quality winter pool cover from Blue World Pools today.

  • The interior of your pool wears with summer use, but nothing is as damaging to the liner than harsh winter weather. Besides the adverse effects of plummeting temperatures, winter pool covers protect from falling debris, leaves and other items that could cause serious damage.
  • When you declare your pool closed, that goes for everyone (and everything). A winter pool cover from Blue World Pools will keep unwanted visitors like squirrels, chipmunks, snakes and toads out. Animals that get into your pool can cause damage to the liner and structure, in addition to spoiling the water quality.
  • When you use a Blue World pool cover everything about having a pool to care for becomes easier. From less problems structurally, to reduced cleaning time, winter pool covers are absolutely essential.
  • When you have a pool on your property it's your obligation to make sure there are no safety concerns. Winter pool covers create a safer environment during the off-season, holding firm against the elements and acting as a safe guard to ensure nobody falls into your closed pool.