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Blue World Pools
A Nevada Corporation

Our pools are attached to the real estate and enhance its value.
Therefore, we sell to homeowners only.

  • Do not fill your above ground pool in temperatures below 55 degrees.  
  • If you have a Spring or Fall installation, fill only during the warmest hours of the day.
  • Do not enter your pool until it is completely filled with water.
  • Entering a pool that is only part-full can cause damage to your liner and pool bottom and void the warranty.
  • Keep rocks from moving above the sand base. Water pressure may cause rocks to work their way up through the sand base under the liner.  This will happen throughout the lifetime of your pool. This is considered to be regular maintenance of your pool. The frequency in which this occurs depends on individual soil characteristics. To push these rocks back into place take a ten inch flat bottom skillet and place it directly on top of the rock. Lean down with your weight onto the skillet in a smooth even motion.  Be sure not to jab or bounce objects onto the rock.  This may damage your pool.

  • Keep all of the following in mind: Your footing post should be strategically placed to allow access to your pool in case of future service to the equipment and/or structure.
  • Do not place your top boards over the top rails and caps.  This is to allow access and will assure that no extra charges and expenses will accrue if future service is needed.