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Blue World Pools
A Nevada Corporation

Our pools are attached to the real estate and enhance its value.
Therefore, we sell to homeowners only.

Above Ground Pool Dealer Service

Blue World Pools has a unique integration of years of experience, a great value in the marketplace and a consistently impeccable reputation.

The team of sales experts at Blue World Pools is able to answer all your questions with their extensive knowledge. We have sold over 35,000 units throughout the country, giving us a wide range of experience.

Your money goes a long way with an above ground pool from Blue World Pools. Our strategy of purchasing in greater volume allows for a wide variety for you to choose from. Blue World Pools, established in 2001, has had an impeccable record and years of experience in satisfying our customers. We look forward to assuring that you are one of our many happy customers.

Above Ground Pool, above average service

Blue World Pools surpasses the minimum requirements for professionalism by leaps and bounds. Not only do we sell affordable above ground pools, we also provide assistance with financing, installation and maintenance following the initial installation, which guarantees quality and years of enjoyment. From the moment you pick up the phone to call our knowledgeable and friendly sales representatives, Blue World Pools will guide you through the entire process of your pool installation. There is no better choice for quality, affordable service and lasting enjoyment than a swimming pool from Blue World Pools!