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A solar pool blanket is an essential asset to the economics of heating your pool. Contact Blue World Pools for a quote on our kits that include a solar blanket.

It's true that solar blankets help slash heating expenses, in addition to aiding in keeping your pool safe and clean. They are relatively in expensive, easy to use, attractive and very effective. But how do solar pool blankets work?

Solar pool blankets generally look like a huge sheet of bubble wrap, and use that unique design to trap the heat of the sun in its cells, transferring the warmth to your pool. Once the water is heated a liquid solar blanket holds down the warmth all night long, keeping the water at an optimal temperature. Because of its simple design, a solar blanket is the most affordable type of pool cover, is light enough to be quickly placed and remove, and easily folds up for economic storage.

As a rule, the more abundant the sunlight, the most effective the performance of solar pool blankets. The use of a solar blanket can help extend the hours of use for your above ground pool, as well as elongate the pool season all together. While it's not made as a protective cover, solar blankets will keep your pool cleaner. It's important to note that the entire solar cover must be removed before anyone enters the water. A solar pool blanket, or liquid solar blanket, is the inexpensive way to keep your pool water right where you want it all the time.