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Swimming pool winterizing

Automatic pool timers make maintaining your pool a breeze. Contact Blue World Pools for information on the pool timer that's perfect for you. Our timers are designed especially for our system. They feature dual outlets; one live side for the ion system and one timed side for the pump, with a built in GFI for safety.

With the use of a pool pump timer you can put your maintenance schedule on autopilot. Technological advances have made swimming pool timers more effective and easier to use than ever. Contact Blue World Pools today to locate the pool timer that's right for your swimming pool.

Five facts about pool timers:

  1. There are many different kinds of swimming pool timers. While some are made specifically for the pump or the heater, others serve multiple functions.
  2. A swimming pool timer will save you money by creating a system that enables your pool to operate more efficiently.
  3. There is a timer for every pool. Some pool timers run on low watts and can only accommodate smaller set-ups, while others are high powered and high-tech.
  4. A swimming pool timer can also be a safety mechanism. They will automatically shut off in case of a power-surge or mechanical malfunction.
  5. Having an automatic pool pump timer increases the amount of time you have to relax and enjoy your pool. Many swimming pool pumps are remote operated, allowing your pool to run smoothly and efficiently with a push of a button.