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Blue World Pools
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Our pools are attached to the real estate and enhance its value.
Therefore, we sell to homeowners only.

A pool builder you can depend on, Blue World is a recognized name in above ground pool sales and installations. As expert pool builders, we've been serving our customers for over 12 years.

Are you afraid of finding yourself in deep water with a home pool installation? Leave the job to an expert pool builder like Blue World Pools.

The hard work of pool installation begins well before you ever start to erect the actual structure. Here is a list of services qualified pool builders will include when installing your above ground pool.

*Sod removal and clearing. The project begins by clearing the designated area, using the proper equipment, in accordance with industry standards, as well as local codes and regulations, including the digging up and removal of all sod, grass, rocks, etc.

*Leveling. The area you've chosen for your pool must be leveled. The experienced pool builder will always bring the higher ground down to match the height of the lowest area.

*Drainage. Pool builders take steps to make sure the area around the perimeter of the pool will drain properly, including consideration of the natural path in which water drains through the yard due to rain and watering.

*Preparing the frame foundation. A good pool builder will install the bottom track on firm, level ground, using a transit level to ensure the foundation is perfectly level for installation and stays that way.

*Base support. By laying down a packed layer of masonry sand the pool liner will be properly protected from harsh ground elements. This also includes treating the ground to prevent vegetation growth.

*To avoid all of the pitfalls of installing an above ground pool, speak with a top quality, nationally recognized pool builder like Blue World Pools.

*Sales and installation provided by independent contractors.