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Blue World Pools
A Nevada Corporation

Our pools are attached to the real estate and enhance its value.
Therefore, we sell to homeowners only."


Due to constant product and market changes, Blue world Pools reserves the right to substitute or change any or all of its pool products. All the materials shown or described including but not limited to the sales manual, brochures, audio and/or video tapes (all sales aids) the illustrations and test results were provided by others and are assumed to be correct, however Blue world Pools cannot guarantee their reliability.

Terms, Conditions, and Limitations of the Econoline contract: Pool purchase subject to: Liability release signed by purchaser's attorney, copy of warranty deed, copy of building permit, customer prepared site, four pictures of site preparation, notification of homeowners insurance, full payment, paperwork postmarked by 9/15 of this year. Free customer pickup in Atlanta, GA or add $395 for common carrier truck delivery to purchaser's home. Pool /appointment/offers subject to credit check/approval. Additional costs may be required.

Sales and installation provided by independent contractors.
Warning: Diving or jumping may cause death, paralysis, or permanent injury.
All calls inbound and outbound may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance and/or training purposes.