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Our pools are attached to the real estate and enhance its value.
Therefore, we sell to homeowners only.

Above Ground Pools

Blue World Pools offers three models of above ground pools to suit your needs, taste and budget.
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Above ground swimming pool Econoline model
Econoline Pool Picture Click here for more info about the Econoline Pool

Amazing value swimming pool. Limited time offer. Available in 15' x 24' Oval only
Above ground swimming pool Midline model
Midline Pool Picture Click here for more info about the Midline Pool

Quality and affordability make this a great package. Available in 15',18',24',27' Round, or 15' x 26' Oval*
Above ground swimming pool Classic model
The Classic Pool Picture Click here for more info about the Classic Pool

Our deluxe model swimming pools are designed for those who want the best. Available in 15',18', 24' or 27' Round, or 15' x 26' Oval*

Above ground swimming pools selection

When you are buying an above ground pool, there are a number of things that you need to consider. For one thing, you will want to choose a swimming pool that is the right size for your backyard. For another, you will want to pick an above ground pool in a design that compliments the architectural style of your home.

An above ground pool can be a major purchase. If you are going to "take the plunge", so to speak, and plunk down your hard-earned money to buy one, you definitely want to know that you are doing business with a reputable dealer.

Unfortunately, when it comes to above ground pools, dealers can sometimes come and go. However, here at Blue World Pools, we are not going anywhere. We have been in the business of selling quality pools at great prices since 2001. We have already sold thousands of units to satisfied customers, and we look forward to serving even more clients in the future - including you!

Blue World Pools Midline and Classic models use limited chemicals and are lower in maintenance. Installation is included.

Would you like to learn more about our above ground pools? Dealers at Blue World Pools are ready and waiting to help. Just contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation site inspection by one of our pool professionals. Call 1-800-706-0907